How Swimming Improves Respiratory System

How Swimming Improves Your Respiratory System

Swimming is one of the best ways to improve the health of your lungs. There is a reason why swimmers have more lung capacity than land based athletes. Any form of cardio exercise is going to improve your respiratory system as it will increase your heart rate and force your body to need more oxygen. This in turn will cause your lungs to work hard and improve over time. Swimming is unique however because of it being a water-based exercise and being low-impact on the joints. Below are some of the unique ways as to how swimming improves your respiratory system.


Improves Breath Control

One of the ways in which swimming can improve your respiratory system is through the breathing control that you’re forced to utilize when swimming. When performing any swimming technique, you have to time your breathing properly to ensure that you are able to go the distance. Overtime, you will progress in your ability to take in more oxygen and be able to swim longer distances. This is because through practice, your breathing patterns will improve along with your lung capacity. You’ll notice even when you participate in land based activities you will tire out less quickly due to your increased lung capacity and your improved ability to control breathing. 


Strengthens Respiratory Muscles

Swimming greatly enhances the muscles that are responsible for controlling your respiratory system. For one, it improves core muscles as they are responsible for stabilizing your body when swimming. Core muscles are incredibly important for breathing as they help to support your diaphragm which is responsible for pulling air in and out of your lungs. Not only does swimming enhance the muscles around your diaphragm, but it strengthens the diaphragm itself. The diaphragm is responsible for 80 percent of your breathing which makes it an important aspect of your respiratory system. 


Reduces Asthma Symptoms

For those who are suffering from asthma, you might think swimming would be dangerous for you. However, swimming is actually the best exercise out there and traditionally been prescribed to asthmatics as a form of exercise and therapy. Studies have shown that swimming is less likely to trigger bronchoconstriction compared to running or biking. Asthma attacks are usually triggered by dry air whereas air when swimming is moist. A study in Indonesia found that swimming has benefits in terms of reducing the symptoms and severity of asthma in children ages 8-12. Overall, swimming is known as the best exercise for those suffering from asthma. 


Learn to Swim or Register for Swimming Camps

For all of the benefits that swimming provides both physically and psychologically, swimming is one of the best exercises out there. To be able to utilize swimming to improve the respiratory system requires one to know how to swim effectively. We offer “Learn-to-Swim” programs for kids of all ages and swimming levels as well as swimming camps for those who want to swim more. To learn more about our swimming programs, click on the button below.


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