Camp Responsibilities & Day Breakdown


TAC Sports Group Camps strive to foster a fun, safe and positive environment for all participants to make friends, have fun and explore their interests through active participation.


Camp counsellors should prepare and set up activities for the participants throughout the day. Counsellors will greet and assist with the check in of the participants and their parents/guardians. Counsellors will help campers with tasks such as switching shoes, taking off jackets, where they can put their stuff, etc. Once all the campers have arrived, counsellors will split into groups to start the activities for the day. Beginning of the day, counsellors should remind the campers of the rules such as no hitting, no screaming, to have fun, etc. Counsellors should look over the list of campers to be aware of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or parent requests.

Activities Throughout the Day:

Counsellors will provide lessons and games throughout the day. These can include sporting skills (practice dribbling, swinging a tennis racket, etc.) or fun games (octopus, red light green light). Counsellors should be encouraging, engaging, and ensure that all campers are participating and learning new skills. Counsellors need to check their phones for any updates on Whatsapp throughout the day.


At these times, counsellors will assist in handing out the food to all the campers. Counsellors need to have open communication at this time because some kids may have allergies. Counsellors will be supervising to be able to help any campers (opening up food packages).

End of the Day:

Counsellors will get the campers prepared for the end of the day by getting the campers ready to go home. Campers will switch over shoes (if necessary), put on jackets, collect their items, and wait for their parents/guardians to arrive.

Sign Out:

Campers should be packed up for the day and waiting for parents/guardian arrival. Counsellors will verify the parents/guardians by either official ID or phone number. Once this has been approved, the camper is good to go home. Some campers will be in aftercare.

Before Care and Aftercare:

Counsellors will be expected to work either before care or aftercare (depending on the participants who are signed up). You will supervise the participants during that time. Aftercare, once parents arrive you will verify their ID or phone number before giving the okay for the camper to go. In Aftercare, once every camper has gone, counsellors should text the Whatsapp group chat stating all campers have gone home.

Full Day Breakdown