Instructional Lessons


The TAC Swim School’s mission is to revolutionize swimming, helping students reach their maximal potential in both swimming skill, confidence, and water safety. Each program is carefully designed to help our students learn step-by-step, in the most rapid way, and with the most fun.


Each and every instructor is fully certified in Red Cross Instructors certificate, Standard First Aid and CPR, and is genuinely concerned with the student’s progress.

10 Step Swimming Program

TAC Swim’s unique 10-step program emphasizes knowledge of the students and parents, helping all involved understand progress through every step. Students receive their official certification through the TAC 10 Star Level system and through Red Cross. Students graduate with the ability to pursue Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross.

Low Ratio

Students receive greater attention with a very small student-to-instructor ratio, leading to more confidence in the pool.


TAC Swim School programs take place in pristine swimming pools, with warmer water and welcoming, modern atmosphere.

Technology and Feedback

TAC Swim School leverages high-quality technology such as HD photos and videos to provide real-time feedback for the children, helping to make their experience a very rich one.



Brown Public School: Brown Public School has a beautiful, modern pool, heated to 78 Fahrenheit.

TFS Canada’s International School: TFS’s modern, newly refurbished, state-of-the-art pool has a lower chlorine content and is a very warm and welcoming environment.