Parent and Tot Swimming Levels


Parent and Tot 1Prerequisites: 4-12 months of age, able to hold their head up.

Parent and Tot 1 focuses on orienting both parent and child with not only the facility, but also the water. As a result the water safety aspect to the course is designed to educate the parents on a series of topics to educate and promote water safety with toddlers. This includes choking prevention, choosing the right Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and how to get help. Swimmers will work through a series of support holds, submersions, entries and exits.


Parent and Tot 2

Prerequisites: 12-24 months of age.

Parent and Tot 2  reintroduces the the water safety knowledge acquired in Parent and Tot 1, and builds upon it to promote safety in aquatic environments. Knowledge of PFDs are reinforced, but new information such as choking responses and staying warm is introduced. Swimmers work on buoyancy, submersions, rhythmic breathing, and changes of direction in the water. All with the intention of orienting the toddler with the water through the comfort and support of a parent.


Parent and Tot 3:

Prerequisites: 24-36 months of age

During this level parents will be expected to properly put on a PFD on their child, with minor assistance from the instructor. Submersions are to be performed for three seconds. Swimmers will work through a series front floats, back floats, and a series of front and back glides. This level encompasses the basic progression of more advanced swimming skills.