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Winter Break 2023

Winter Sports Aquatics Camp

Customizable Programming

TAC camps include many different half-day and full-day options per location, all coached by professional coaches.

Incredible Fun while Learning

Appropriate level and age placement means every student gets paired at the perfect age and challenge level for maximum fun during the week!

Excellent Individual Attention

Our low coach-to-student ratio ensures every child gets the attention they deserve from their expert coaches and mentors!

Life Skills and Confidence

We aim to nurture and develop good habits, a positive sports attitude, and great moral character in our athletes and leaders.

Safety First

All programs are designed for the safety of the campers, coaches and families in mind. Camps are staffed with the top professionals, run by experienced directors trained in education and psychology, with decades of camp experience.

Learn to Swim at your Next Swimming Level

Our swimming camps are designed through the Life Saving Society Swimming Levels to help your camper develop essential swimming techniques for each swimmer level. Each camper will be accessed during swim camp and placed in a smaller group working towards their next swimming level!