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What Makes a Great Swimming Instructor?

Part of choosing the right swimming program is making sure the instructors are not only qualified but possess the right qualities to teach swimming. Parents want to make sure that kids are being taught by good people that know what they are doing and know how to interact with kids. This is why we have come up with a list of qualities that a good swimming instructor should have. 



The most important thing to look for in a swimming instructor is somebody that values safety. This not only means that they have the necessary safety training, but that they personally understand the importance of safety procedures. They make sure to prioritize safety above all else by keeping an eye on students and always keeping them under supervision. Not only do they have to be following safety procedures themselves, but they have to instil good habits in students and ensure they understand safety.


Communication Skills

A great swimming instructor has to be able to communicate well with kids. They have to find creative ways to engage kids and make sure things are easy to understand. Not only do they have to be able to properly instruct and explain techniques well to students, but they have to be able to actively listen. A great swimming instructor will be able to understand questions or concerns kids have and be able to address them appropriately. 



Anytime you are teaching someone you have to be patient since they have less knowledge than you do. Oftentimes teachers fail to forget that there are certain assumptions they make about their area of expertise that they take for granted. For example, an instructor might tell students to “back crawl” assuming they know what back crawling is when they really don’t. A good instructor will instead be able to see things from students’ perspective. Instructors also have to realize that they are in fact teaching children which requires even more patience as kids are easily distracted. 


Passion for Swimming

Instructors have to be genuinely passionate about swimming in order to get kids to invest their all into it. The passion that the instructor has will be contagious to the kids and inspire them to be better. If an instructor seems like they are just there because they have to be then this will deter kids from being motivated during lessons. A great swimming instructor is somebody that loves swimming and sharing their passion with others.


Learn to Swim

We have the best swimming instructors that are qualified and possess all of the great qualities that swimming instructors should have. All of our instructors love what they do and love working with kids! To register for our learn-to-swim programs, click on the button below.

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