Why is Swimming So Important to Learn?

Swimming is arguably the most important thing to learn at a young age. Sports in general have a variety of different physical and psychological benefits, and swimming is no different. Swimming however goes beyond the realm of sports. It is an important life skill that can be useful in a variety of different situations. In a world that is 71 percent water, the skill of swimming can potentially end up saving your child’s life at some point. Below are some of the many benefits of swimming.

#1: Safety

The biggest reason why your child needs to learn to swim is so that they can be safe in water. Sadly, one of the leading causes of death to children is drowning. It was reported by the government of Canada that 80 percent of drowning cases from 2011 to 2021 came from children ages 9 or younger. Further, a child may know how to swim but be out of practice or lose confidence when a dire situation arises. It’s not only important for children to learn how to swim, but to make sure that they regularly practice and refine their skills. 

#2: Fitness

Swimming might be one of the best and most versatile exercises out there. It is simultaneously able to help with endurance, muscle, cardiovascular health, fat loss, flexibility and more. Swimming also uses nearly every muscle in your body including your legs, upper body and core muscles. One of the biggest advantages of swimming is that it is a low impact exercise, meaning it does minimal damage to your joints compared to other exercises like running. It is perfect for those who are aging or dealing with long term or short term injuries. Without learning to swim, a child won’t be able to reap its many health benefits down the line.

#3: Mental Health

Swimming also does a great job of reducing stress and anxiety, which are two of the leading contributors to mental health issues. Like all forms of exercise, it releases endorphins that help us to feel good and enhance well being. Swimming however is unique from other exercises in that immersing yourself in water provides extra relief. This is one of the reasons why many spas and therapy methods focus on water immersion. 

#4: Brain Health 

Along with reducing the risk of mental health issues through the release of endorphins, swimming also promotes brain health. It increases blood flow to the brain more than land based exercises. This then helps the brain form new connections and improves memory and cognitive function. It can not only promote new growth, but help to repair neurons and connections that were damaged as a result of stress. 

Swimming is one of the best activities to learn. It’s key because of the safety it provides over the course of one’s life as well as the unique health benefits it offers compared to land-based exercises. When learning to swim at a young age, children need to have personalized support from trained instructors that understand water safety. We offer swimming lessons at excellent facilities within Toronto. Click below to learn more about TAC Aquatics’ swimming lessons, upcoming camps and other courses.

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