Benefits of Swimming Goggles

The Benefits of Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are very important and something we recommend wearing if you are committed to swimming. Your eyes frequently come into contact with the water when swimming, especially when doing underwater swimming. Whether you’re taking lessons or wanting to swim competitively and/or recreationally, swimming goggles are an essential tool for any serious swimmer. Below are some of the benefits of swimming goggles.


Visibility Underwater

Swimming goggles help you to see underwater. This allows you to not have to close your eyes but instead see where you are and how close you are to finishing. Being able to see what you’re doing underwater will help you to have more confidence and improve your performance. You can also see if there are people in front of you or not. Wearing goggles will make you more aware of your surroundings which will help you swim better and be safer. You will also not have to worry about accidentally opening your eyes underwater and causing them to be filled with chlorinated water. 


Protects Eyes 

Too much chlorine in your eyes on a regular basis can cause damage. There is a tear film that is present in your cornea to prevent it from breaking. Chlorine is designed to kill bacteria in pools and in the process it can rip the tear film in your eyes leaving them vulnerable to infection. In other words, it kills the protective barrier your eyes naturally possess. This can lead to a variety of different eye issues such as pink eye or corneal ulcers. 


When swimming in natural bodies of water, goggles can provide protection against bacteria and algae that lead to infections. Some goggles are also designed to protect against sunlight and UV rays when swimming outdoors. 


Helps Replace Contacts or Glasses

If you are someone that wears contacts or glasses then wearing goggles is a must. For those who wear contacts, goggles will prevent your contacts from falling out. They will also prevent your contacts from incurring any damage if they do happen to stay on when swimming. For prescription glasses users, you can replace your prescription glasses with prescription goggles. You won’t have to worry about not being able to see properly during your swimming sessions when you have goggles that provide the same assistance to your eyes as glasses do. 


Register for TAC Aquatics’ Programs

The benefits of swimming goggles are clear. Wearing swimming goggles is something we recommend when partaking in TAC Aquatics’ swimming programs. We offer swimming lessons for all different levels of swimmers as well as camps to help continue your development. We also offer lifeguarding programs for advanced swimmers. For more information about our programs and what makes us unique, click on the button below.


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